Politics in Iraq

They must be getting good at this democracy thing in Iraq because they are starting to make up statements in order to make everyone happy. In Cairo we have Iraq’s Sunni, Shiite, Kurd and Christian leaders agreeing to this statement:

” The leaders also agreed that there should be a timetable for the withdrawal of foreign troops and resistance was the right, but acts of terror should be condemned.”

Rice has decided to read this as “denouncing terrorism”. Huh?
The “resistance” is using terrorism as a weapon. And what are they resisting? Democracy? And that’s ok? Or just the “occupation”? Haven’t we been asked to stay there on more than one occasion by the leaders? Yes.
If “resisting” means blowing up US soldiers who have been invited to stay to help keep “the resistance” in line, then we might as well go home. If they (Iraqi politicians) want to live this way, where people who don’t approve of the govt, blow people up then our work is done there. Because frankly, “the resistance” is mainly blowing up women and children.