Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty and A&E and me

Because of the clamoring for my opinion:

Let’s see, I ought to put my credentials out first. I am a Christian (Methodist), Republican (libertarian), independent, single, heterosexual woman, who loves animals, judges people, and believes that Gay marriage should be legalized because I am conservative enough to love the institution of marriage and think that commitments ought to mean something.

Got that?

I also think that the Bible has a lot of stuff in it that is old. Things about women being submissive to men and not becoming teachers or having any authority. Things about eating pork. Jesus suggests that lust is as bad as adultery.

Jesus never speaks directly about homosexuality. He speaks of fornication or sex between unmarried people. In other words, get thee to a commitment before having sex in order to make the act be about love and caring and intimacy and not only about pleasure. To me, that means that God would prefer a marriage between men or between women over the bed hopping that can and does happen in all types of circumstances.

Phil is of an older generation from the south. I would not ask him his feelings about the submissiveness of females 1) because I don’t really care and 2) assuming his thoughts are similar to Timothy’s (from the bible), they will eventually die out (hopefully). Just as I don’t ask my dad his opinion on a woman’s right to choose abortion before the date of viability. It doesn’t matter to me, and I’m pretty sure I know what his opinion is and I disagree.

A&E has every right to bow to the yellers who don’t want to hear Phil’s opinions and think they are mean vs cultural. I am very happy to hear that the family will probably be bowing out of the show. I REALLY like it when people with strong opinions are willing to stand up for them, even if it costs them money.

So – as a libertarian – Phil was right to answer the questions the way he did – though as in every interview, he may want a chance to re-word a few of those opinions.
A&E has a right to suspend him.
The rest of the clan have a right to quit the show.
The fans of the show (and you are probably not members of GLAAD) have a right to be cranky and do what they can to show their displeasure short of threats!!! dudes!
People who have more liberal views of homosexuality have a right to stomp their feet and insist that Phil be totally ostracized for his views.

In other words, what the hell is there to talk about? I feel like I need to defend Phil lest the he never defend my right to say something unpopular. But Phil is not beholden to anyone and will not be jailed for his thoughts so I don’t really think I want to defend him. I doubt I could argue with him, because in the end he actually loves others and just wants them to do what God wants them to do and believes that God’s word is the literal word of the Bible. You can’t argue with that belief as it’s just there and stubborn. It is what it is. Phil’s love for others however makes him a far better person than I am. He’s fine.

Duck Dynasty is amazingly popular. I’m too cheap for cable but no matter what the papers are saying it isn’t yet “another” reality show. It’s a loving reality show. (tangent: so is Dancing with the Stars!) That good feeling vs the tearing down of people ala Real Housewives is what keeps DD family friendly and very popular. Out of the reality show business you get knee jerk conservatives who will dis Modern Family. But it too is a very very loving show with family members who are committed to each other. Yes, there are gays in it. Last Man Standing is also very loving from a more traditional family side with liberal culture sneaking in.
The culture is changing. The left wants to force it ala Mao. That leaves a lot dead. The right prefers a different approach which may be too slow for some. The meld in the big picture is probably best. (kids who are forced into schools that teach the normalcy of homosexuality will be old eventually while the current elderly will die out, to me, that seems like a good thing) Or maybe it won’t be best because those same schools teach total dependence on the government and yet the evilness of the US blah, blah, blah.

Life is tricky. Phil Robertson is a man who says what’s on his mind. Whether I agree or not, I admire it and I admire his family for standing on principle.

Interesting discussion over at Three Sources. I should have read it first.

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