It’s funny, I listened to/read General Petraeus’s remarks yesterday and came away with “Looks like we’re moving towards exiting. Things must be going ok, (not perfect) but I suspect the best way to do this is to

a) remove a bunch of troops, then
b) see how it goes, then
c) hopefully remove some more.

I suspect we’ll mostly fully leave when Iraqi’s can keep their own peace.”

Other’s (we’ll say certain Senators) came up with “OMG there is NO exit strategy!!!” and “OMG have you no specific ideas of what exactly constitutes when we can leave?!!”

Isn’t the Democrat’s exit strategy exactly what General Petraeus is saying?? Yes, Democrats say they are the only ones who will actually pull troops out of Iraq once elected but both Clinton and Obama hedge on when the final soldier is out of there. So wouldn’t they also
a) remove a bunch,
b) check and see how things are going, then
c) hopefully remove more??

…. when asked in New Hampshire if they would promise to have all U.S. troops out by the end of their first term, Obama and Clinton both refused.

Politics is not for those who like their paradigms clean.

In the meantime, Michelle Obama notes that her poor husband has to deal with the adjustable standards of the campaign. Maybe we could make a deal. The country will quit adjusting standards on her husband if her husband quits adjusting standards on the American soldiers and Iraq. Why is it so bizarre to have the standard for leaving Iraq be that Iraqi’s can handle the country on their own, or we are asked to leave by the duly elected government of Iraq, whichever comes first.

[tangent: There is more on Mrs. Obama but I’ve labeled her a flake. She doesn’t need more mentioning than that. He might well have married her because she’s pretty, and not because he agrees with her.]

Michelle Malkin today has the charts that General Petraeus was constantly pointing to, yet that those of us who read his testimony missed out on.

I’m a chart geek. They’re cool!

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