People acting like People

The BBC reports that the UK has miscalculated their energy savings overall because when people save energy in once place, they tend to use more or use it in other ways.
ie – If all you own is an F350, chances are you’ll make it to the grocery store once a week on the way to soccer practice. If you own a Prius, you are more likely to drive to the store if you run out of milk early.
or ie
-If you save $$ on energy because of all that new insulation and dropping down the thermastat, chances are you’ll take those $$ and fly to St Barts for the weekend this winter.

Don’t worry though, total overall carbon targets are the real goal, right? right?? right???

Professor Skea said the legal requirement to meet future targets meant that the government was likely to pay close attention to factors such as rebound effects in the future.

He said: “One of the recommendations of this report is that the government should be allowing a little bit of headroom in its carbon targets in order to get the assurance that they are actually going to be met.”


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