From Jeff Goldstein
“Build a socialist society, and you can bet your fromage those living there are going to start upping their demands.”

From Mark Steyn
“In fact, “rage” seems the least of it: it’s the “glee” and “contempt” you’re struck by.”

From VariFrank
“And while it may be fun to poke at the French, this is not the time. If the Muslim Insurrection is seen to be successful in achieving its goals, it will spread everywhere. “

From Captain Ed
“However, alert CQ reader Mr. Michael points out that both American and French media sources warned of coordinated Islamist action against France in the weeks before the riot.”

The Truth Laid Bear is keeping up with a roundup of blogs.

One thought on “Paris

  1. Really tough to feel sorry for the FRANCH with all their help and thankfulness for what we have done for them over the years.

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