Palestinian 2 state solution(?)

From the Arab News

There is a grim joke going the rounds these days among Palestinians, based on the assumption that Hamas would win control in Gaza and Fatah in the West Bank. It is that at last, the Palestinians would win for themselves the long projected Two-State Solution. But instead of its being the states of Palestine and Israel, it would be two rival Palestinian territories, united by nothing except common enmity.

LOL. A bad idea not only because of the wreckage of families etc but also because if might lead to “… the immense satisfaction of many Israelis.”

To continue your morning chuckle, Abbas is asking for help from the UN. And the UN response to an elected govt official who’s in need?

“This is an idea for which we need to explore the possibilities,” Ban said, after raising the matter with the 15 members of the Security Council on Wednesday.

“I think there are many issues which we will have to consider,” Ban said. “And if we decide to have an international presence in Gaza, where to locate them, what would be the terms of reference, what would their missions be.”

Why does this make me laugh? Do I want the UN to go in? Who knows. I’d need to “explore the possibilities”. It makes me laugh because the UN should have such a plan in existence in the top drawer of their desk. Wouldn’t that behoove them? They should have plans for all sorts of contingencies in the world. It also makes me laugh because it’s such a typical response. “First we need to think of a plan. Then we need to write it out, then we need to………” In the meantime the US Navy goes to help the tsunami survivors or else things like Darfurian genocide continues.

UPDATE: Good Lord this isn’t at all funny in reality as the killing of unarmed people continues.

(If you do read this link note the article is about Hamas taking over and shooting people execution style yet paragraphs 2, 3, 4 AND 5 are about an Israeli shell that accidently struck some kids. Maybe it is still funny. Just funny strange vs haha.)