NIMBY ism in Boulder County

The anti-fractivists in Boulder county picketed the wrong house a few days ago. They were looking for a county commissioner, but missed the mark. They would like to see a Climate Bill of Rights and it’s just not happening fast enough for them.

Anti-fracking groups have criticized Jones and her fellow county commissioners for not adopting a “Climate Bill of Rights” or advancing such a measure to county voters’ ballots.
Among its other provisions, the proposed Climate Bill of Rights would assert that county residents have “a right to a healthy climate, which shall include the right to be free from all activities that interfere with that right, including the extraction of coal, oil or gas, or disposal of drilling waste within the County of Boulder.”

In other news a bear was put down in Boulder County because it was attacking sheep. [bold is mine]

Churchill said the bear was an adult male about 5 to 7 years old weighing more than 200 pounds. It had not been previously tagged or relocated, but Churchill said the bear’s behavior toward humans was alarming.
“It was way too comfortable,” Churchill said. “It wouldn’t leave when people were present, and that is concerning.”
Churchill said depredating bears are hard to relocate elsewhere in Colorado because nobody wants a
bear that attacks livestock brought into their area.
“We understand that people always want us to relocate, but if we moved this particular bear, we would really just be moving the problem,” Churchill said.

Next obvious question: If we clear Boulder County of fracking or extracting coal/oil or gas, won’t we just be moving the problem?
Carry on.

911-random thoughts

It’s been so long ago now. 16 years. Kids these days don’t remember that gut punch that morning, though their lives have changed because of it.
Other than those people directly affected, other families joined the military, privacy laws were laid to rest, political correctness came into full bloom since that day 16 years ago. I went conservative along with many many others.
This is my sister’s birthday too. It’s not a good one. It’s worse than having a Christmas birthday.

We always says “Never Forget” and I don’t think we will. We won’t forget that there is a variety of Islam that believes those who don’t believe should just be dead.
There is a variety of the left wing who also believes this but with less violence. They fight against all those things that have brought civilization to where it is today. Where we have fewer people in poverty (and poverty has been redefined upwards), fewer people hungry, more opportunities for so many more yet without the understanding of why. People wish for a simpler time with fewer people and less complex systems of stuff (agriculture, corporatism, information surplus)
It feels like in many ways these folks are sympathetic to the attackers of 911 and I don’t like thinking that way.

I haven’t been blogging for a while because of those feelings. They just make me cranky. Somehow Breitbart usually managed to stay in good spirits when engaged in the fight. Somehow soldiers in Afghanistan manage to remain examples of excellence. 911 happened 16 years ago and Islamists are still trying to kill the infidel and we continue to try to walk that walk between being a superpower, yet not actually sharing the force of that power to be done with the battles. We wonder why our boot camps are 4 months, yet 16 years in Afghans still can’t control their own country without outside help. I wonder how the left can be so open to changing this country so completely.
With that – let’s see if I can’t get this blog going again. I used to enjoy the heck out of it!
Up with the flag!

Read David Harsanyi for another sad bit of commentary on 911.

Women are clearly very weak creatures

Women are clearly very weak creatures who need the extra protection of government regulation when dealing with men in any situation.

Seriously? Did I grow up in this age/time only to be told that I don’t have enough power in me to say ‘bugger off’ to a man whistling to me on the street?

Apparently in the Netherlands:

The Labour party (PvdA) has launched draft legislation which would make it a criminal offence to sexually harass women on the street.

Read more at Labour seeks to make sexual harassment on the streets a crime

ht Return of Kings who sees the future writing on the wall.

Sanctuary City

People in Boulder County have decided to change Longmont into a Sanctuary City. Our city council hasn’t conceded yet, but I suspect they will.

This issue is so emotional, it’s hard to really have the discussion. I would never cross a country’s border and expect to work or send my kids to school without first working to legally be a part of that country. Other than personal relationships I don’t understand how others think it should be normal here.

Yet, the police seem to want this to happen. If they want it, if people “feel” better, if businesses keep hiring illegals, if immigrating legally still takes excessive amounts of time……do I care?
Turns out not enough to go to City Council tonight!

Those Russians

So far every news story I have read about the Russians influencing our election in order to make certain Trump was the winner has this for the reason:

Both RNC and DNC were hacked. Only DNC emails were leaked.

There is so much to say about all of this and Diplomad says it best so I won’t bother, but I will note that no article even suggests that maybe, as a wikileaker you would find no fun at all in sending out RNC emails, since the RNC followed the rules.

Like the DNC who favored Clinton, the RNC favored Bush, but which of these parties actually cheated in order to elect their favorite candidate. Oh, yeah. DNC.

All the news stories are changing these days. You’ve seen it. You will be seeing it for the next 4 years. It’s awesome to know that Americans understand the media is tilted. We get that. I just wish the media

Post Election

A couple of things to note here.

1 – Thank you Bradley Smith via Glenn Reynolds for pointing out that the meme about money can buy elections is incorrect when da people have had enough.

2 – there are tons and tons of articles out there about why Trump won – go, read them have fun, watch the D’s try to figure it out, then have run reading this article who’s author is a bit delusional as she determines that there was an entire right wing machine in place for years to beat Clinton. That it’s amazing she did so very well against such an opponent. huh?

OR, you can read this article in my local paper which is adorable and admirable. The Integral Center for Yoga in Boulder interviewed an anonymous group of Trump supporters in Boulder to see why they voted for him.

So risky and courageous is it to speak publicly in this city as a Trump supporter that the panelists asked to remain anonymous, and event organizers insisted none of the more than 100 seated in the room photograph or record anything during the 90-minute forum.

The space was “safe” with even a dog around and moments of deep breathing and meditation and mindfulness

The panelists, all in early-to-middle adulthood, were a diverse bunch: a white man raised in central Africa who moved to the area recently; a gay black man adopted by white parents, who now lives in the foothills; a white woman who’s been obsessed with presidential politics since a stint on the high school debate team long ago; a part-Native American woman raised in the Rust Belt and deeply involved in the pro-life movement; and a white man who, since 2000 alone, has voted in presidential races for Ralph Nader, Michael Badnarik, Barack Obama and now Donald Trump.

“Take a breath and be aware of how your body is doing,” co-moderator and Integral Center Executive Director Robert MacNaughton instructed the crowd before the panel kicked off. He was the only one on stage who gave his full name.

So what did this group share? Basically Clinton and Trump both suck and Clinton sucked more. Just like I have said, over and over and over. (though maybe not here, blogging has been light)

First, none of them endorsed Trump unequivocally, and some of them even used words such as “disgusting,” “divisive” and “fascist Cheeto” to describe the man.

And, secondly, they shared a profound distrust and dislike of Hillary Clinton, a person they agreed is corrupt and unfeeling. Some descriptions used Wednesday evening would suggest she approaches subhuman levels of emotional capacity.

Go read. I am impressed and thankful that people in Boulder did this vs the rioting in the streets. Good for them and the Integral Center For Yoga.

Now if Democrats would listen, vs delusionally believing that Clinton was the best candidate ever and the Trump voters must be racist/mysogynist/deplorables we may be able to converse again one day.