There is Hope

There is hope, not necessarily IN Jordan Peterson, but in the fact that he is so very famous and appreciated by young people (men especially) around the world.  I have been listening to him for a while now through Maggie’s Farm.  All while watching men around me weaken, year after year.

Just this weekend I’ve dealt with the heartache 2 of my friends have felt. Both dealt with flirty, loving words right up until the day that these “men” broke up with them.  (1 affianced and another married)  Who does that?  weenies

Were the relationships solid?  Apparently not, but also apparently the male side of these were too chicken to ever express it until it was over.  Blame the strong females if you’d like, but if this Jordan Peterson phenom is any good, then strong females will hopefully result in even stronger males.  Not weaker ones.

I like him.  I appreciate him.  I am happy to contribute so that he realizes in the midst of his public leftist skewering that he has support.  I am glad that young men find him interesting.  In some parts of the world, lost young men are joining ISIS.  People need to realize that they own their lives and it’s up to them to fix it.  And in the process fix the world.  Individuals can make a difference and Jordan Peterson is a quick example of that!



Here we go.

I have the great pleasure of being in a room with 9 other women who are Trump supporters. In Boulder. It’s like a conservative miracle!

He’s recognizing the greatness of Americans. Firefighters, pilots during the hurricane etc etc. Scalise and the police and health people who saved him.

“State of our Union is strong because our people are strong.”

200,000 mfg jobs

Rising wages

45 year low of unemployment claims. African-American claims the lowest ever. Same with Hispanic unemployment

Stock market through the roof. He went through his tax reform highlights including the repeal of the individual mandate. He’s shared the tax cut bonus announcements that have been going on and the Apple announcement.

“There has Never been a better time to start living the American dream”

Faith and family are the center vs government. Preston from Redding started a flag movement on Veterans graves.

Ooh Trump mentioned standing for the National Anthem!

Onto VA accountability act. Sounds good to me. 1500 let go from VA.

“Right to try” with healthcare and the FDA. Yay

1.5 trillion for infrastructure.

“Americans are dreamers too”. Excellent line!

……etc etc

Impression? This was a really enjoyable speech. This was awesome to hear a pro America theme. The zingers may have gone too far but the ending of this speech is amazing.  He didn’t deal with any of the real problems, ie entitlements, but no one ever does, so I don’t hold it against him.

It really feels like he loves the people of this country. Go Trump!



Here’s another story of the nevertrumpers and what they should do in regards to a pretty successful year 1.  One thing I’d recommend is that they start to recognize that the grenade needed to be set off in DC.

The stories of the FBI, DOJ, Obama administration et al are shameful.  The fact that they disappear texts and emails and have personal servers and email addresses and secret societies etc etc etc with such ease tells me that there is no shame in the organizations themselves.

Cruz wouldn’t have exposed this.  Clinton certainly wouldn’t have.  Kosich – ha, I laugh at that.  Nevertrumpers need to recognize that Trump was a requirement to drain this swamp of swampiness we never expected to see.

Trump and who he is

After Trump does Trump there is always outrage.  His latest is calling certain countries Shitholes.

Do I like that Trump is Trump?  Not even a little bit.  It would be awesome to have a universally respected person of class as our president, but that isn’t who we have.  Trump is outrageous.  And he’s who we have.  Can we all go about our business now?

Being outraged has zero affect on him.  Just move on.  Bring it all up in the next election.  All the hype is a waste of hype.



2018 and the WIoY (Worst Idea of the Year)

Denver is going to subsidize luxury housing for the middle class in order to keep these high rise hot spots from being empty.

Need I say more to my audience?  Probably not, but you might want a taste of this article from the WSJ:

Jamie Smith, president of St. Joseph Hospital, which employs about 2,200 workers in central Denver, said his medical technicians and newly graduated nurses are scattering further and further away from the city.

“These folks are in high demand,” Mr. Smith said. “They’re driving by four or five other hospitals much closer to their home to get to us, and at some point it becomes a problem from a recruitment and retention standpoint.”

The hospital is contributing $100,000 to the funding for the program and hopes it will help house dozens of employees.

God forbid they just give everyone a raise and let them decide where to live.

Or allow the Denver housing market to rest in a spot that functions. Somehow, I suppose by magic, they intend to determine “market value” to make sure no one is ripped off.

The city has requested units in new or recently renovated buildings. The city will do an analysis to ensure landlords charge market rates. City officials expect to spend about $500 a month subsidizing a single person and roughly $900 for a family.

Trilateral money.  Some from businesses like St. Josephs, some from charities and the rest from taxpayers.


Blogging about the “Collusion”

I tell you, it’s exhausting just trying to keep up in order to think about maybe blogging about a small aspect of the big Ruskie collusion situation with Donald Trump and his minions of people.

It’s a job for, well……a journalist!  Luckily we have one.  Andrew C. McCarthy follows the story and is a great writer.  This is today’s version along with this wonderful recap.  Please click through though.  And purchase National Review.  It has some of the best writers in the business and though they were never Trumpers, they were mostly never Trumpers because they exist in an area of the country where a GOP vote wouldn’t have counted anyway so they could make an ethical stand on personality.  I’m still curious how their vote would have gone had HQ been in Wisconsin.

Anyway – back to McCarthy:

I won’t hazard a guess on which of CNN’s anonymous sources are also the Times’ anonymous sources. But it is safe to say the intelligence community, still suffused with Obama holdovers, has been undone by its own illegal leaking. Back in April, they leaked because they figured it would wound President Trump: After all, if the dossier had been used to obtain a FISA warrant, that must mean that the dossier’s sensational allegations of a traitorous Trump-Russia conspiracy were true. That is, the leakers assumed, just as many of us familiar with the FISA process assumed, that the Justice Department would never put information in a FISA warrant application unless the FBI had first corroborated it.

Awan, the DNC and Hezbollah

Why on earth is this story not front page news???

I’m sure by now we’ve all read the 3 part story from Politico about Hezbollah and Obama and Iran. If not, go do so.

Today I’m reading a bit more about Abid Awan’s car dealership (s) situation.  But it’s 1 story out of the dailycaller.  If you google to get a secondary source all the information is from July or earlier.  Can we still say “If this were a story reflecting badly on Republicans……”?