I used to think I wanted to be scientist of some sort.

This story cracked me up (and I’ll admit, maybe it’s just the reporting of the science that is so silly).
Here’s the study basics:

Participants were asked to look at an image and decide whether they would consider this person for a one-night stand or a marriage partner, but the image was covered by two boxes. In order to make their decisions, they were allowed to uncover only one box; either the face or the body.

And the results after men would choose to uncover the box when looking for a one-night stand? They’d uncover the body box – which must mean…………………

Perilloux said that some indication as to why a woman’s body is more appealing to men for physical relations has to do with her body’s indication of fertility.

“Studies show that a woman’s waist-to-hip ratio is a cue to her current fertility levels, so a higher waist-to-hip ratio would mean higher fertility rates,” Perilloux said. “Cues that are associated with high fertility are not a conscious mechanism. It is a subconscious method of attraction.”

Think about why you would uncover the body box men, and then read that again. (I know you didn’t the first time through.)

If I were a man – I’d choose the body box for the one night stand because body’s come in all shapes/sizes and one night stands are about sex and fun and exploring new things. But body’s all change and especially after marriage. You’re going to have to look at that face forever, but the body is going to be adjustable.

If it was about fertility, wouldn’t you want the woman you marry to be the fertile one?

ps – as a woman, I’d choose the face for both. Because either way – I’m not looking for that one night stand, so consciously or unconsciously, it’s going to be the face/personality over the body that makes the difference.