I am ready to go to war over the attack yesterday.

Instead news/posts/fb has all been about the love of your fellow man and how the LGBT community is hurting and how guns needs to be less available. Are you kidding me?

The US of A has been attacked again. I don’t give a rip which club, or facility or wherever. ISIS is taking credit, it is time to let that JV team know why Obama called them the JV team. If we ever decide to actually let our men and women fight without worrying about their human shields, ISIS is done for.

I believe in a God of forgiveness and that He loves ISIS sympathizers as much as He loves me and gay people. BUT – we do not need to lie back and think of England as we are attacked within our borders.

Just like 911 didn’t happen TO New York City, it happened to all of us, Pulse did not just happened to the LGBT community, but to all of us.

Obama, please remember that we are at war.

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