I wonder what it takes to be an opinion writer?

The reason I wonder is that this piece in the LATimes this morning is so bad, it makes me think that perhaps the writer was hired as a warm body.

‘The common defense’

The sixth in a series of editorials examining American values and the candidates for president.

I haven’t read the other 5 in the series, but this particular piece starts out with:

From the wreckage of the Bush administration’s foreign policies, the next president will inherit many intractable problems.

It doesn’t list what exactly is the wreckage of Bush’s foreign policies though, so I’m not sure what the heck he/she is talking about. It goes on and on and will make you very cranky, because in the end, this turkey wants us out of Iraq, into Darfur, contain Iran, save the UN, work on domestic “woes”, invade Pakistan if necessary, yet stay humble and remember that all in foreign affairs is “murky”.

Have fun. But take your blood pressure medication.
Or end it by reading Lawrence Kudlow’s column listing Bush’s accomplishments this year.

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  1. I’m just gonna take your word for it. Loser writer. Guess if the goal is to get you mad it was successful?

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