Obama’s latest Lie about who he is

You know, I’ve always been of the impression that Obama isn’t a Rev. Wright or a Bill Ayers, but frankly, what the hell do I know of him. He could easily be a racist terrorist.

Why say that today? Because yesterday, yet another “associate” of Obama’s came out. This time, it’s the entire Socialist Party!

There’s nothing wrong with being a socialist. I called myself one for the better part of twenty years. Millions of people have and many still do. But there is something very wrong with hiding who you are or who you were from the electorate—especially if you want to be President of the United States. Yet that seems to be a habit of Mr. Obama’s, with the collusion of the press. To my knowledge, no one in the mainstream media has begun to inquire into the details of Obama’s curiously unreported years at Columbia and Harvard, although much could be relatively easily ascertained. Obama himself has not been remotely forthcoming about them.

The inescapable conclusion is that Barack Obama is a highly deceptive, often dishonest individual.

Sure, we knew he had socialist ideals, but sheesh…..

UPDATE: I’ll help get this new ad out.