I know you’re all awaiting my thoughts on yesterday’s news conference.

I think I said it all before and that’s why Obama is playing this game now when it could have been done with in round 1.

No one thinks that Obama agrees with Reverend Wright’s ideas. No one. So why did he align himself with the preacher and donate tons of money? His discussion on race missed the part where somehow, many people (including him) think that the preacher’s rhetoric is normal and that’s why.

Which brings us to the NYTimes. (Linked here from Ed Morrissey)
They’re saying that they had hoped the previous Wright debacle would have “open[ed] the door to a serious, healthy and much-needed discussion on race.

Mr. Wright has not let that happen.”

I would sincerely disagree. We are finally having a discussion on race. It’s the racism of all sides though and isn’t that a bit more thorough?

The discussion is thus.

1 – Obama and many others, including the 8000 parishioners of Trinity thought that Wright’s talk was somewhat “normal”. That is the only reason why Obama would have kept Mr. Wright around all of these years in spite of his ambitions. Obama doesn’t agree with Wright and no one thinks that. However – he stuck with Trinity and Wright. He could have only thought that this would not turn out to be the big deal that it is. [though he did dis-invite Wright from giving a benediction when he announced so he must have had a small clue.]

– NOW they are finding out it isn’t normal. That can only be a good thing in the discussion on race. Because if one side blames the other side for everything, there is no discussion.

2. – Now that Obama’s eyes have been opened, he thinks it’s “normal” to expect that Wright will shut up and go away. It’s abnormal for Wright to claim that Obama is just distancing himself for political reasons.
Hence Obama’s anger at having Mr. Wright continue to preach what he’s been preaching forever.
– Obama and others now see that Mr. Wright is not normal. He’s a hateful racist. No matter how much good he did. [see Mussolini and trains]

Obama has an ‘everyone thinks like me so we can all be united’ sort of problem.

It’s a big problem for a “uniter” because if you can’t see the other side unless there is screaming from all sides that you have a problem then you’re not going to be effective at the outset. Obama has some growing up to do.

Mr. Wright is hurt and now he’s chastised and demoted. He’s now been accused of “exploiting racism” Watch what happens next. Obama doesn’t have the power to shut people up and his followers are not the heavy hitters of the Clinton machine.

Had Obama been honest the first round and admitted he thought the preaching was ‘normal’ and just preaching and now his eyes are opened, he would be fine. But he didn’t. He went with the ‘I never knew’ excuse. 20 years and he never knew a thing about Wright and “white man’s greed”. Yeah, right.