I am completely behind Daniel Henninger here.

The GOP can make things work. Take a look at the Prescription Drug Bill. At the time – though everyone forgets – the Democrats were on the verge of creating their own version of a drug bill. “The people” were clamoring for a drug bill. Republicans worked out a way to have drug bill that incorporated a lot of private enterprise/incentives/pharmaceutical input etc to get what we have now – no…..I take that back, the donut hole has gone away and I am certain Obama has made other changes – To get what we had 8 years ago.

So now we have this drug bill that is blamed on George W Bush. Item number two on why the right doesn’t like George is the prescription drug bill. IF the GOP would have allowed Democrats to design the thing it would have been horrible. See Obamacare.

This round, let them have it. Force the individual mandate, but add in all those special Obama waivers and just see how well the people like it. They won’t and it will be gone. It’s not like other entitlements. Go Galt, and quit helping them. Instead introduce them to the destructiveness of their own ideas. The latest?

But ObamaCare’s Achilles’ heel is technology. The software glitches are going to drive people insane.

Let the whole idea go down in it’s own flames. Quit helping. All this defunding/delaying etc only makes it look like the Republicans are ruining a good thing. That will only lead to universal coverage. Instead, let this thing die a natural death. All that needs doing is to step out of the way.

Republicans and conservatives, instead of tilting at the defunding windmill, should be working now to present the American people with the policy ideas that will emerge inevitably when ObamaCare’s declines. The system of private insurance exchanges being adopted by the likes of Walgreens suggests a parallel alternative to ObamaCare may be happening already.

If Republicans feel they must “do something” now, they could get behind Sen. David Vitter’s measure to force Congress to enter the burning ObamaCare castle along with the rest of the American people. Come 2017, they can repeal the ruins.

The discrediting of the entitlement state begins next Tuesday. Let it happen.

Amen to Kim Strassel.

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