Obama during a crisis

Still “leading from behind”.

Even the NYTimes can see it.

I sincerely thought that Obama would start acting Presidential within a couple days of the Georgian situation. First though stay calm, don’t jump to conclusions. People appreciate that. (even though McCain knew the whole situation so well, there was no jumping at all, just pointing out the conclusions.)

Once he was caught up by what I had hoped were his many and smart advisors, I assumed he would take a break from his vacation, go to DC, give some advice on diplomacy either via speeches or interviews or even direct phone calls. This way he could “show us what he’s got”.

Sadly, he did.
He’s got nothin.

From Hot air:

McCain spent the week leading the American response in a real way, forcing the White House to catch up. Obama spent the week … body surfing and golfing. For a candidate who already has a confidence deficit on national security and foreign policy among voters, Obama seems strangely disengaged on what is the most crititcal and emergent foreign-policy issue of the campaign. He has taken a strangely passive path, and the contradictory statements by his surrogates have made Obama seem even more vacillating than usual.

Most interestingly, the media has finally started to notice.