Obama: Bush on Steroids

Oh wait, my mistake. The RollingStone headline (via Matt Drudge) reports it’s Edwards who says Giuliani is Bush on Steroids.

But look at the news today. From the Washington Post we hear that Obama would happily invade Pakistan for harboring terrorists. Even though Pakistan has never attacked us. This sounds like The Bush Doctrine” if I ever heard it.

From the article:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama issued a pointed warning yesterday to Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, saying that as president he would be prepared to order U.S. troops into that country unilaterally if it failed to act on its own against Islamic extremists.

From Wikipedia:

The Bush Doctrine argues for a policy of pre-emptive war in cases where the U.S. or its allies are threatened by terrorists or by rogue states that are engaged in the production of weapons of mass destruction. The policy of pre-emption represents a rejection of deterrence and containment as the principal foundations of U.S. foreign policy because, it is argued, terrorists cannot be deterred in the same way as states. According to the Bush Doctrine, grave threats require a military response regardless of other countries’ views.

2 thoughts on “Obama: Bush on Steroids

  1. And with Obama being one of the worst sufferers of Bush Derangement Syndrome…..maybe he should do a little reading of your blog!!!

  2. to paraphrase the Drudge breaking news:
    Nukes, NO NUKES, we have nukes? I love Nukes, er, I hate nukes, i meant Nike! see my Nike’s…..good grief!

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