Obama and Bilingual Education

Don’t you worry. I went to Blogging School. I know I’m obliged to post on the latest Obama elitist attack on me. The one where he is embarrassed about us lo class Americans who only speak ‘mercan.

And I actually speak Spanish and English.

And I still take his attack personally. There I was sitting in a cafe in Athens. I said καλημέρα (good morning) and then I had to point, yes point, at the menu to order. I could feel Obama’s eyes beating down on me from his home in Chicago where he and his children were studying yet another foreign language. I was an embarrassment.

An embarrassment. What the hell?? Is he embarrassed by statistics or something? Because the only way he knows if you’re bilingual or not is based on numbers.

If you’re overseas or here and you see someone struggle with the language, does that mean he/she only knows their own language?? Not necessarily. He knows nothing about nothing yet he’s claiming to be embarrassed by his own people. Yeah, let’s vote him in.

His talks of racism are concerning looking at someone, noting something about them, (ie, their race) and then determining x, y, and z about them. Oh – that person is black so he/she a hoodlum. (I do not believe this – I am using it as an example) So here he is in Europe and he notes an American who is struggling with whatever language in whatever country. Let’s say France. He assumes that this American is an embarrassment to the entire country for being such a rube as to not know French yet going to visit France anyway!! Yet this person could be well versed in Russian or Chinese or Albanian or Spanish or whatever.

Obama went to that racist church and the more I know him the more I am defining him as, not a racist, because he’s not talking about race, but as an “ist” because he sure likes to define people based on nothing but preconceived misperceptions.

Trust that when you’re overseas and struggling a bit with whatever language you haven’t studied for the last year you can count on being thrown under the bus by Obama because obviously you never even tried to learn a thing in your whole pathetic life and are only taking advantage of these foreigners as a place to spend your dollars. See – an ist.

Good Lord. I understand Presidents wanting their folks to be the best educated they can be. And I will let slide the idiotic gaffe about everyone in the US learning Spanish specifically. However – I do not want to be associated with people who are embarrassed by me.

Powerline has the video.
Salon has the leftie explanation. Without mentioning the “embarrassing” part.

But to most people who actually grasp the fact that we live in a complex, interconnected global economy, being able to speak more than one language just makes a lot of sense.

The Anchoress rips Mr. Obama a new one. (ooh – did I say that?)
Here is a taste, go read the whole piece.

America perfect? No, far from it, but I’m damned sure we are not so awful, so pathetic, so ignorant and backward that a presidential candidate needs to get up on stage and jeer at his country and countrymen for their lack of so-called sophistication to his “sophisticated” and self-hating supporters.
Sophistication is empty and insubstantial. It does not save lives. It does not free people. Sophistication simply dresses well and knows not to choose the chianti. All very important in these serious times, right?
I don’t know, this guy is supposed to be so brilliant, but every decision he makes, he decides was probably not the right one (”yeah, I won’t let my kids be interviewed anymore…” – hey…good idea!) and he doesn’t seem to like his country or his fellow Americans very much.

UPDATE: Thank you Anchoress for the link!

7 thoughts on “Obama and Bilingual Education

  1. Any President should be loyal enough to his country-men to defend them even if he thinks they are possibly in error – like spouses should help each other save face even if they don’t agree. Obama scares me.

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  3. When I travel to a foreign country, I consider myself a representative of America, and I try to make a good impression.

    My wife and I went to Rome for our honeymoon a little more than a year ago. Neither of us speak Italian. I don’t mean to sound self-congratulatory, but both of us were gracious and kind to everyone we met (always a good idea when in unfamiliar surroundings). While I am not privy to anyone else’s inner thoughts or feelings, the various folks we encountered – shopkeepers, waiters, hotel staff, people on the street, etc. – all seemed to enjoy our company and none took offense to our not speaking the language. It was a great trip.

    But now the Obamessiah has informed me, contrary to my own experience, that I was a terrible representative of America – I didn’t speak Italian!!! And though I have forgotten more American and European history than he has ever known, I have lived a sheltered life devoid of knowledge of the outside world. Oh, the shame!!!!

    Seriously……..What I cannot understand about Obama (and many Democrats in general) is how they can claim to be a party of the “common American” while clearly displaying a certain amount of contempt for the “common American”.

  4. So, Obama is embarrassed because Americans can’t speak more than one language. Isn’t this the candidate with the slogan that ends with a preposition?

    “Change We Can Believe In” should be “Change In Which We Can Believe”.

    I suggest that Barack {redacted} Obama work on his English before criticizing anyone’s lack of fluency in another language.

  5. I understand that he doesn’t speak Spanish himself. Or French for that matter. Is he embarrassed by himself?? Or is he planning on making some serious time to learn another language so he’s not so embarrassing??

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