I had to laugh (again) as this article from the LATimes (a paper of the left) remarked on the now famous cover on the New Yorker (a magazine of the left) after reminding readers that the art is “satire”.

So you’ll no doubt see this image making the internet rounds in coming months by people who don’t want to see the satire.

So once again, those against Obama are being charged/convicted before no court except the court of Obamopinion.

You know, the one that fights it’s enemies by doing what it expects the enemy to do and then saying, “we did it so you’d know what to expect from the enemy. See how nasty they are?” When they aren’t. Quite yet. They are bound to be in the future, just you wait and see. Just wait. Really, just you wait.

Speaking of Obama, the Jordon times has now heard of Obama’s mispeaks or poor phrasing. He apparently backed away from a unified Jerusalem again yesterday and it made the news there. The most interesting thing about the article is that on 97% of the days, there is a photo of the King on the front page. Not today. Today it’s Obama. I’ll be curious to see if McCain ever makes it there.

Oh and one more. Kirsten Powers has a nicely titled column called “Net Root Ninnies”. It’s regarding the far left who is now upset that Obama is “compromising” to get elected.

They uniformally seemed to believe that voting was supposed to give them a high – or they couldn’t be bothered.