It’s practically official now. Sort of like the last times it was official only this time all the papers around the world show Obama as the Democrat’s nominee.
Even though Ed Morrissey says it’s not quite true.

Here’s the scary part:

In watching and reading some of the reaction, many reveled in Obama’s nomination for the same reason. They want to feel good about America rather than have an experienced nominee. In fact, they not only want to feel good about America, they want to feel good about themselves. They wanted to be part of that historical moment, and that was their first priority

It’s true and it’s scary. I’ve talked with people who leaned right, believe in free enterprise, sell stocks for crying out loud, who plan on voting Obama because they want to see the big “change”.

Obama talks and people listen and they can’t see beyond it. Because Obama says there’s no politics in what he’s doing, that’s what people believe.

His speech in MN last night mentioned McCain not traveling middle America. And people believed it. This article in the WAPO doesn’t mention anything different. Well HAH! Does the road trip in April not count?

“I want to tell people living there that there must not be any forgotten parts of America, any forgotten Americans,” McCain told newspaper editors this week.

A lot of the places McCain visited were Democrat’s territory.

The following line made me cringe in Obama’s speech too concerning McCain’s nomination and history because people will just up and believe it:

I honor that service, and I respect his many accomplishments, even if he chooses to deny mine.

Um – Huh??????
Scott at Powerline has a nice little response to that line that he’s packaged up for McCain with a nice red ribbon. Go ahead Mr. McCain, honor away:

Senator Obama, I honor your work in the private sector for a year or two after you graduated from college, and I honor your work for three years as a community organizer. I understand that as a community organizer you pressured city authorities to remove asbestos from the Altgeld Gardens apartments in 1986 with at least partial success.
When the on-site manager of the apartments didn’t take action, you nudged the residents into confronting city housing officials in two angry public meetings downtown. These generated “a victory of sorts,” you said later, as workers soon began sealing the asbestos in the buildings, even if the project gradually ran out of steam and money and even if some tenants still have asbestos in their homes, according to current resident Linda Randle, who worked with you in the ’86 anti-asbestos campaign.

When you chose to quit organizing the South Side of Chicago after three years, your good deeds did not stop. You rendered valiant service by attending Harvard Law School and winning your first election as the president of the Harvard Law Review.

Your service to the Harvard Law Review did not bring an end to your remarkable benefactions. You returned to Chicago, where you won election to the Ilinois state legislature before the triumph that brought you to the Senate for the past three-and-a-half years. We all know your accomplishments in the Senate.

And last, but far from least, I honor your authorship of Dreams From My Father, a memoir that has spent many weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. You, sir, have served our country with uncommon distinction.

I suspect, based on this letter written by McCain to Obama a while ago now, that McCain will have no problem responding just so long as his handlers allow him to treat Obama like a man vs like what the left thinks is a stereotypical black man who’s sensitivities to everything a white man says is over the top.

Obama is the candidate. There are plenty, a plethora, of reasons why he shouldn’t be President. It’s time to start presenting them.

Sadly, I think that JK at 3sources is right. People just believe this Obama guy. The …”nation is falling for it”..
Thank goodness the primary brought out tons of things to note and there is plenty of time for more and more Obamagaffes as he becomes more self confident with his status.

4 thoughts on “Obama

  1. I think the reasons he shouldn’t be President will come to light now that the Hillary/Obama thing will quiet down…I have no doubt the Republicans are biding their time……..

  2. While listening to the GOP speech between Senator McCain and Senator Obama, I didn’t feel comfortable with some of the quick answers from Senator McCain. It appeared Senator McCain speech might have been rehearsed. As the World knows Politics can become a dirty game. The GOP speech should be disregarded. McCain has never been as accurate and fast speaking as long as I have been listening to him. As a matter of fact if he can think that fast why didn’t he think before signing for a WAR?

  3. That is completely BS.
    ALL of the questions asked were ones that anyone could have and should have rehearsed beforehand. There were no “out of left field” sorts of questions so give me a break.

    Had McCain memorized anything he certainly would not have memorize 5million dollars as the cutoff to rich.

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