NYTimes Poll

I swear the NYTimes puts out the BEST polls of all time!

Do you remember back in March when they polled people and found out that most people wanted to see nationalized health care and that they’d be willing to have their taxes raised by $500/year in order to fund it? I am still laughing about that one.

Well yesterday a new poll came out from the NYTimes concerning global warming. (ht Tim Blair) Most people think that we have to do something about global warming!!

But those same most people are not willing to see gasoline prices increase by $1, nor are they willing to drill in Alaska or increase nuclear power plants. And somehow these same people think that Democrats are more willing to magically make all the research work cheaply for solar/wind energy because Republicans are in the hip pockets of the oil companies. And while not exactly the same people, some of the people are not even willing to share private aircraft when going across the country to meet at the same place with their co-workers!

Never fear though because those same people while being unwilling for self regulation with higher priced gas are willing to regulate those who make the vehicles.

Although respondents split almost evenly on whether Washington can effectively address global warming, they almost unanimously (92 percent to 6 percent) supported requiring automobile manufacturers to make more fuel-efficient cars.

I laugh at the poll. I am fine with doing what it takes to decrease dependance on foreign lands. In anything.
It’s the poll that gets me.

I want health care, and I’m willing to personally pay $1.50/day for it.
I want no more global warming, and I’m willing for you to pay for it.

Or then there was the Drudge story out of the Wall Street Journal yesterday about scientists who want to engineer a way to control the weather to stop global warming. How on earth are they going to determine which part of global warming is sun caused, human caused, normal climate change caused or whatever to determine which part of the world deserves balmy temperatures vs dry/hot vs just bad weather? Is it possible that maybe they could do something with the climate so the poor Bangledeshan’s can get good weather and we take on a bit of their flooding for them? Wouldn’t that be more fair than leaving things as it is?

What a world!