NIE on Iran

There has never been any “proof” that Iran was working on nuclear weapons. Instead the administration has been responding to spoken threats by Ahmacrazy.

Throw crazy at crazy and the weaker one will back off. Throw a “Oh you silly Mr. Ahmadinejad. You don’t have anything to threaten Israel with you goofy boy. I think I’ll ignore you.” and you’ll get yet another “dissed” middle easterner who has to prove his manhood and go ahead and create nukes.

You study and you study things like Middle Eastern ways of respect. Mr. Bush treats the threats from Iran with respect and now he’s the idiot? You can’t win Mr. President. You just can’t win. I’m glad you’re not bothering playing the game and instead just going about your business.

One thought on “NIE on Iran

  1. And Iran NEVER talks about wanting to destroy Israel and America, unless his lips are moving?
    Maybe Bush should handle him before leaving office as a farewell present…….since Ahmanacrazy thinks Bush is getting reelected anyway……..

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