Nicholas Kristof

Of the NYTimes writes a bit on factory farming.

Livestock rights are already enshrined in the law in Florida, Arizona, Colorado and here in Oregon, but California’s referendum would go further and would be a major gain for the animal rights movement. And it’s part of a broader trend. Burger King announced last year that it would give preference to suppliers that treat animals better, and when a hamburger empire expostulates tenderly about the living conditions of cattle, you know public attitudes are changing.

It’s a good trend. As long as we’re going to eat these guys we can at least let them live decently until then.

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  2. It’s kind of funny to hear that Burger King is now concerned about the way cattle are treated. They’re not even concerned about their customers or employees! I’m amazed anyone eats fast food these days after the documentry: “Fast Food Nation.” I used to be a fast food junkie when I was a child, but then I started getting sick and unhealthy. I couldn’t sleep, I had indigestion and I was always sick. When I was a teenager, I cut the fast food and all processed foods out of my diet, and miraculously I got better. It’s a huge testamonial that this stuff isn’t fit for consumption. But I guess it’s karma, I mean I did support the mistreatment of animals by buying their product. But once I learned the truth, I couldn’t support that system. It’s not fair to the animals, or the unwitting consumers!

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