“News” out of Germany

This is a “news” story out of Spiegel on the election here. It talks about the animosity between the Clinton and Obama camps. It mentions the big Obama gaffe:

A blogger attending the event leaked Obama’s (undoubtedly accurate) comments.

And get this on McCain’s poll numbers:

It already seems possible that John McCain, 71, could end up continuing the Bush era.

McCain=the Bush era??
They’re going to have a hard time spinning that one.

McCain could take the gentlemanly approach. His advisors smugly joke that they could practically use Hillary’s campaign against Obama without changing a thing. “The Democrats are destroying themselves,” says Republican strategist Alex Castellanos.

Uh – they don’t need to be smug. It’s just simple truth. Are you seriously telling me that a McCain advisors acted “smug” when talking with a reporter about such a simple concept? I doubt it.

The article also states as truth:

The United States is experiencing the longest and toughest presidential primary season in its history.

I don’t think it is. When I’ve looked for what was, I keep getting that this one is the longest in “memory”, but I can’t find what would be the longest. I suspect any that ended up at the convention, and since this one isn’t there yet, how can it be the longest?

The MSM. All over the world.

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