New York Gun Laws

A couple of things about this story titled “Buffalo police now coming to homes after funerals to look for guns”.

1) Why? Doesn’t everyone just follow the law? Isn’t that the point of gun laws? Pass a law that bad guys can’t have guns, then bad guys won’t have guns.

Buffalo, New York police are now visiting the homes of those recently departed in search of firearms as part of a new plan to help keep tabs on local guns.

2) People like to believe that police officers will never be a part of the political takeover, but here it’s the Police Commissioner who came up with this plan that treats family members as if they will NOT follow the law and turn in these guns that apparently can not be passed down in the family without proper over site. Should the IRS Commissioner also visit these homes to confiscate any property where the death tax hasn’t been paid yet?

Slippery slope my friends, slippery slope.

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