New Threats

The NYTimes today is whining about the US govt response to future threats.
The title: Focused on 9/11, U.S. Is Seen to Lag on New Threats
It goes on and on about how we should have thought of liquid explosives etc etc.
Not once does it mention we the public’s role or even the NYtime’s role in these perceived threats. Can you imagine say if in May of this last year right before the big travel season if the DHS had banned all liquid on flights? There would have been rioting in the streets! Or just for fun, (see yesterdays post on the “timing” of the UK thwart) that DHS had banned liquids two days before the primaries! LOL

So – continuing on in this vein we have 2 things today.
1- Let’s imagine.
I’m a terrorist and we’ll focus on planes to keep it simple. What is my next move.
-Well – I’d start to use white haired old ladies. Fake ids, Hollywood makeup, maybe even a wheel chair. (wheelchairs are currently allowed.)
DHS thinks of this, and starts searching wheelchairs and all white haired old ladies. The public riots.
-Ok, so let’s move onto pets. How closely does TSA look at pets? Those carry on cages with a biting chihuahua. What agent is going to want to pat down that dog’s collar.
DHS thinks of this, and starts insisting on pat downs of pets and babies. Yeah that’ll go over good.

Bottom line, we are also a line in this front. And we’re a bunch of whiners. Keep that in mind before you start accusing the govt of not doing enough. They only have so many resources and so much credit with the public to push. Cripes, every time over the last 4 years the administration has raised the threat level and then nothing happened people accused them of “politicizing” terror. That can only go on so long.

Second thing – how about this.
For those people who are willing, and passable, can pay for and receive a solid background check of some sort that is reviewed every 5 years or even yearly. Maybe even require these people to show that they’ve flown at least once every 2 months over the last year. Those people get to go in the ‘easy pass line’ at the airport. This line would only have the basic check on things. They still need to follow some basic rules and still go through a screening but not the full on blow in the face, take apart your carry on sort of thing.
There are so many regular flyers out there that could really clear up the fog of who TSA has to really be looking into vs Joe business person.