New Strategy

The “Slow Bleed”. Instead of cutting of funding, you legislate time in the field for the troops. I suppose that could be counteracted with increasing all our forces. Do you suppose Murtha would fund them then? Big merry go round. In the meantime…..what’s happening?

Guiliani gives his view on resolutions. They’re for pundits, not for legislators. I like this guy. But then I’ve never been completely conservative.

Iraq the Model sees the surge and so far is approving.

Moqtada and his band of merry “leaders” runs. (again) The more that is spread the better. Ralph Peters runs them all down actually.

ven more important, there’s a pattern emerging that goes far beyond Iraq:
* Mookie ran to Iran.
* Osama’s so scared he won’t let himself be photographed.
* Hassan Nasrullah of Hezbollah ducked for cover as soon as Israel started shooting.
* The key leaders of Hamas hide out in Damascus, not Gaza or the West Bank.
Anybody see a pattern here?

Like JK from ThreeSources says,

I hope Congress can pass some defeatist resolutions before Bush wins the war — boy wouldn’t that be embarrassing!

Yeah! It would!