New Obamacare thought

Ah screw it….do what you want. Just be sure to fill out all the paperwork in triplicate on our “secure” website. And buy one of these items that we say you can.

Yes, last week you couldn’t buy that item for $200/month and you were stuck with an increase of 400%. Too bad, so sad. If you had waited, you could have bought that insurance we’re always badmouthing that actually acts like insurance. Just says that “it’s a hardship” and we’ll cover you. Just like if you want subsidies, just say you only make x amount of money. Oh and if you’re an insurance company, you can basically do what you want to do too. Keep policies, cancel policies, offer cheap policies….don’t worry, you won’t get in trouble. Trust us. Oh – and ps – if someone doesn’t pay you by your due date, go ahead and cover them anyway. If it costs you a million or so, don’t worry – we’ll cover it because well, with all these healthy people signing up there will be lots of money. Trust me.

Take it away Ace of Spades:

Does Obama really think that insurance companies can write these policies, advertise them, get sign-ups and get a first payment in 11 days?

I believe he doesn’t believe that.
None of these fixes are designed to be fixes. They’re designed to appear to be fixes, so when people are uninsured, Obama can say, “I tried. I gave them options.”

Just never the option of what he promised: Of keeping health insurance they liked.

And Neoneocon:

Basically, this means they’ve expanded the definition of “hardship” to include “screwed by the Obamacare regulations.” Come to think of it, that makes sense.

Or rather, “we’re screwed because you people keep complaining, so because of that you can claim hardship”. Squeaky wheel and all.

Suggestion for the GOP.
Start a bill. This one says “the insurance market is open and they can provide whatever type of insurance they want. And you are free to buy or not buy whatever type of insurance you want and your state can require or not require what they want and we, the Federal Government are stepping aside”

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