New News on Scott Beauchamp

Though not from TNR.

Instead Captain Ed re-caps what’s going around and Mark Steyn ends with these delightful/insightful words.

Beauchamp’s 15 minutes are up. The issue now is the magazine’s conduct, and the Aspers should recognize that and act accordingly.

UPDATE: Along those same lines: Instapundit has a link to Michael Yon and his rule of 2nd chances. Scott had a chance to get out of the army and he decided to stay. Good for him. Also as Glenn’s other link notes, Mr. Foer is over the top in his demands of Scott to save his own stoopid butt. This is no longer about Scott. (and barely ever was) It’s the publisher of a news magazine that has tried to hype false stories and then basically threatens the writer to hide his own incompetence. Over the top.
And reasons why more and more and more no one believes what they read. At least the sphere is there to parse things if and only if you’re willing to read and search through things.