New Hampshire

Wow! Even with the journolist declaration that Bernie can’t win minority votes, that was interesting. And honestly, around here in Boulder County the fact that a socialist could win doesn’t surprise me. People here look at Europe and think….That’s not so bad.

2 articles….
1 – discusses the Dem race and the infighting as if it’s a bad thing. Without once mentioning the reasons that Clinton might be a bad candidate this column begs Dems to get along for the sake of the party because you know, Hillary is going to win and Bernie supporters will need to get out and vote for her.

Democrats once complained about going through the motions of an inevitable Clinton “coronation.” The party may end up facing a very different problem: Convincing Sanders’s ardent base to recover from the Bern and mobilize behind Hillary. Democratic voters’ passion in the primary stage is good, but the consequences of a mass voter strike would threaten the core principles that liberals have worked so hard to protect.

2 – notes Hillary’s 2 fatal flaws. Both of which she highlighted in NH. Trying to wow those who hate Wall Street while taking their money and treating the rest of us as idiots about it and then noting how she’s a progressive who “gets things done”….like what?

It doesn’t highlight her criminality, but I suppose that’s for another day.

Congrats to Sanders and to Kasich, who I apparently need to get to know before March 1.

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