Never Forget

It’s 9/11. Happy Birthday to my sister.

I think if I were her, I’d officially pick another date.

This date is taken.

Scott remembers.
Instapundit links to a 2003 Lileks column.
Little Green Footballs has a slideshow.
And Amir Taheri notes what each of the two candidates learned from 9/11.

I’m in the middle of reading Touching History (recommended by my sister – who’s birthday is today). It’s by Lynn Spencer. She took the time and interviewed all those players in that day, air traffic controllers, NORAD, other pilots, as they work minute by minute to figure out what’s happening and what they need to do next. I’m halfway through and recommend it myself.

Hug the ones you love and if you’re so inclined say a prayer for those who have lost the one’s they loved.

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  1. I don’t know how to do links, but on this day I always like to go back and watch this Marine’s poem:

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