“Needing” immigration

This is the most bogus line I’ve heard in a long time.

Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue says in an op-ed that the U.S. needs more low-skill immigration because Americans are not “qualified” or “willing” to do such work.

So low-skill jobs now require qualification?
So your pay scale of very low that no American wants to work for is the only side of the capitalist equation that should function?
(As demand grows so should the price – yet here we are_

And if we didn’t pay out unemployment benefits for years, then people without jobs might then be taking these jobs.

And finally – what on earth makes you think that immigrants will continue to work low skill jobs once they can come out from the shadows?

I swear, the whole immigration thing is
1) we really need to keep the status quo
2) the status quo makes it seem like we don’t care
3) let’s finish this so we can start round three of amnesty/illegals and get back to 1.

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