In the UK they are thinking of not covering “universally” those folks who don’t make an effort themselves.

The report calls for a greater emphasis on the “citizen’s responsibility” to be healthy and says no one should expect taxpayers to fund their unhealthy lifestyles.


Failing to follow a healthy lifestyle could lead to free NHS treatment being denied under the Tory plans.
Patients would be handed “NHS Health Miles Cards” allowing them to earn reward points for losing weight, giving up smoking, receiving immunisations or attending regular health screenings.

Let’s say you choose to stay overweight and smoke etc. Will you then be required to pay for the coverage you’re not receiving?
Let’s say you had a healthy lifestyle to start with. How do you earn reward points?
Let’s say you lose weight/give up smoking/get vaccinated and have regular health screening but continue your meth habit which, being illegal, is never admitted to? Or you drive too fast? Or wear high heels and trip a lot? How about if you lose weight by eating only chocolate pudding? Or you exercise by having lots and lot of sex with multiple partners?

This could be fun trying to figure out where the government can get into your life the most.

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