In black and white: A story in the LA Times talks about the possibility that some medication might become behind the counter types of meds. Whereby the pharmacist would help the purchaser decide what/if a med was needed, vs requirements for prescriptions.

Some that might make the cut would be viagra, migraine meds, birth control pills and certain cholesterol drugs. Items without many side effects.
Doctors of course are against this because they want to supervise treatment for safety.

Another worry: that women who skip regular doctor visits to get prescriptions for birth control pills may also forgo gynecological examinations.

Yes – let’s keep a rule concerning birth control pills, not because they are unsafe if you have the flu or cancer or something but because it’s an incentive for a yearly doctor visit. ??

And for all you other women out there – you have to remember to go in all by yourself!!

5 thoughts on “Nannystatism

  1. Well, assuming you are “active” if you are using birth control, you probably need to make sure you go in yearly? But I am a big believer everyone (men AND women) should go for a checkup every year…..

  2. A lot of the behind-the-counter issue is cold medicine that can be used to manufacture illegal substances.

  3. I guess I don’t think of it as “over your head” as much as making sure it is safe for you….different doses and types of pills can have terrible side effects!!

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