My Take on the First Debate

I can never decide if I am an average voter or not to know whether my take should count much, but here it is……

Trump can be the President. He didn’t show anything there that makes me think it’s a big deal that he not be president, any more than Hillary.
Yes he took the bait on numerous stupid things while Hillary stood there ever so smugly. Yes, his world revolves around him, so ‘taking it to Hillary’ on ethics was not big on his agenda like it would have been on mine.
But there will be other chances.

He did a couple of things right. One is not being embarrassed about his wealth or fighting the overabundance of taxes and regulations on businesses. (though yes, he could have stressed that SMALL business gets put under the same rules and BIG business and suffers thusly)

Two – he did think on his feet. While Hillary was reading her talking points a LOT he was thinking more on his feet. Did you notice after calling her Secretary Clinton, that she called him Donald. His response on that point included calling her Hillary. He has intelligence. But yes, he is all Trump all the time.

Oddly the stop and frisk portion which made me wince seems to have made the pundits happy. Lester Holt brought up birtherism, mysogyny and Trump taxes without once bringing up the Clinton Foundation, emails or Benghazi. That doesn’t seem equally balanced to me.

I doubt minds were changed last night. For those truly not nevertrump or neverhillary they’ll want a few more of these talks. I remain neverhillary.

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