The ‘Must’ blog of the day-Ahmadinejad

….must……blog….on…..Colombia…..and ……..Ahmadinejad…… (The link is to Spiegel’s version of the story.)

Here are my thoughts. Many, many people (mostly on the right) were/have been upset by Colombia’s invitation to Ahmadinejad to speak. Why? Well, the usual. “Shouldn’t give the enemy a platform”, “Shouldn’t let a terrorist spread his views” etc, etc.
I wouldn’t have invited him myself.

But now that he’s spoken – he’s all over the place. Everyone running with his clips has just “given the enemy a platform”, and “allowed a terrorist to spread his views.” In reality it’s a little like giving the guy enough rope to hang himself and working to counteract the “news” in Iran of his successful speech with standing ovations etc, but again, “giving the enemy a platform”, “letting a terrorist spread his views”……

Also- Mr. Bollinger invited the guy to speak. We all expected the rambling Ahmadinejad rant and we weren’t disappointed. Mr. Bollinger however, is a professor and expert on the Constitution. His introduction was a “rambling rant”.

It was a list of types of Iranian evils, followed by a name calling, followed by a calling out. I would have expected a bit more intellectual discourse by the guy who should know how to insult someone in such a subtle way that Iranians themselves aren’t insulted by the treatment of their invited president.

The Iranian newspapers aren’t going to quote Mr. Bollinger and then have the Iranian people think “Whoa, our president is a bad guy”. I can’t even find a story on the dang speech from Kayhan or the Tehran Times. Maybe tomorrow, but sheesh, we aren’t necessarily front page news everywhere Mr. Colombia University.

Ralph Peters has the best column of the day because it’s about the ROTC/military who are not allowed at Colombia. Giving them the voice denyed by Mr. Bollinger.

3 thoughts on “The ‘Must’ blog of the day-Ahmadinejad

  1. Yesterday at Columbia University was a perfect opportunity to hear from the Iranian president in an open forum but the accusation-laden intro by Colombia President Bollinger spoiled that.
    Inviting Mr. Ahmadinejad on the pretext of speaking to an university audience, the president saw fit to poison the atmosphere by attempting to turn the forum into an inquisition. He made Columbia and the U.S. look like the hostile bullies much of the world perceives them to be–shame on him!.
    Those accusations that he made should have appeared as questions after the Iranian president’s speech. The students are educated enough to ask these questions themselves.

  2. Very good points on how Mr. Bollinger appeared.

    I still wouldn’t have invited him especially to a place that purposefully uninvited our own military to air their views.

    But once invited, Mr. Bollinger did not act the good host.

  3. I agree with letting him stink the place up with his smelly ideas and hang himself. Am worried why he really came here…hope it wasn’t a terror plot itself, or planning for same by figuring out more of our security…….don’t trust them as long as he can hold hostages……

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