Muslim Women

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One day, probably in the not so distant future, some soldier, or TSA person or whoever is going to insist that a Muslim woman either remove her burqa, or have a picture taken of herself without one or get the full xray scan or something. When that happens and she’s upset, there will be rioting or CAIR will file lawsuits or someone will get trampled in the process of screaming “Death to Americans” or who knows what else.

When that happens, pull out this post. Because today this post is linked to this story concerning a Taliban commander dressed like a girl trying to get through a checkpoint. Afghan soldiers caught him. Score!

Mullah Mahmood, who is accused of helping the Taliban detonate suicide bombs, was caught Tuesday in Kandahar province while clad in the full-body Islamic veil worn here by women, NATO said.

“Alert (Afghan) soldiers at this checkpoint spotted the oddity and quickly arrested him,” NATO said.