Is a horrible person.
As an investigation into killings in Iraq is going on, he’s in the papers claiming that our marines killed civilians in cold blood as revenge for the death of a friend. What kind of Congressperson does that? I’d expect that from the Dixie Chicks vs a retired marine.
I’m with Varifrank on his number 2 point:

2. When it is finally revealed that there is nothing to this, I want Murtha up on House ethics charges. He has endangered American lives for political gain, nothing more, nothing less.

Michelle Malkin has links and quotes from all over. He is a horrible, horrible person.

One thought on “Murtha

  1. Amazing that he can “know” everything without EVEN reading the report! you would think he was there……….hah. May he meet a thousand marines with justice on their mind at the pearly gates.

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