Murtha Resolution

I thought it was a great idea until I got home and saw the debate on CSPAN. You’d think a smart reasoned debate could be seen in the house. You know, where you calmly point things out and try to be respectful to people you clearly don’t have respect for. No name calling or making chicken noises in the background. Sheesh. They blew it. I think this: “.. state the resolution in the affirmative? ” We pledge to deploy troops in Iraq until the mission of liberation, freedom and democracy is satisfactorily completed.” And why not seek to gain as much bi-partisan political support as possible? This would truly help the mission, and the troops.” would have been smarter. Oh well, too late for that.

‘Calling their bluff’ is what I do. (which is why I was filled with glee when I first saw the Drudge report about the debate) But I’m just a crank with a blog, not a representative of 1000s. Stopping and discussing and asking respresentatives to stand up and be counted so that the troops can know with certainty that they are supported is what needs to happen.

Kos* is now repeating the ” they won’t let us speak our minds without calling us unpatriotic” and Bush said that “we shouldn’t question or else we’re unpatriotic” and frankly, listening to CSPAN definitely left you with that impression.

How about a simple….when did the President say it was unpatriotic to question his policies?
Since we all agreed in 2002 that there were WMD but now we just can’t agree on whether it was because Bush lied or because everyone (including Saddam) was misled, now lets talk about where we go from here.
Or even
What do you say we all sleep on this until after the December elections?
Time for bed and no more actually watching the house in action on TV.

*UPDATE: Meant to add a link to Kos. Here it is.

3 thoughts on “Murtha Resolution

  1. CSPAN was VERY disappointing to this citizen that checked in to see how it all came out! Good grief. A bunch of bickering children, oops, spoiled children.

  2. did you hear Jean Schmidt calling John Murtha a coward? kind of low i think considering she has never served her country and faced flying bullets like murtha has.

  3. I DID hear that. It was incredibly low and with any fairness from voters, she won’t be there next round. I am hoping a number of the people on both sides of the aisle heard themselves during that display and went home embarassed.

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