Moveon is using it’s vast array of brain cells to and cash to create another“betrayal” ad. This time it’s about President Bush betraying the country.

As bloodthirsty liberal says, when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging!
As captain ed says the new ad is bogus anyway. It complains that 30,000 troop reduction won’t stop the war, so Bush is betraying us. Um, Bush hasn’t promised to stop the war.

And JK has become suspicious of Senator Salazar’s knocking of the original moveon ad. His words have only shown up in the Grand Junction Sentinel. Which is a tad suspicious. I know that politicians often have a hard time getting out the words they want to get out, but you would think that one of the authors of the ISG report would be quoted in a bigger paper. Say the Rocky Mtn News?

I forwarded the Grand Junction link to Drudge. Maybe he’ll run with it.

JK got an instalaunch with the news so maybe news will spread and Mr. Salazar won’t be able to keep the story small.