The Environmental Republican is right. The general feel I get from the blogosphere is that Moussaoui should be executed. Peggy Noonan writes a very thoughtful piece concerning that, as does Varifrank. (though Varifrank is advocating life in prison if only because it’s worse than death)

Interestingly enough, what I haven’t heard is that one of the reasons for opposing the death penalty is the basic Christian reason. We will never forgive this guy. Ever. But keeping someone locked away in prison gives him the chance to get right with God. vs just killing him and sending him straight to hell. And frankly – if there is a hell, he’ll probably go there anyway at least if I were in charge. But then again, I take grace, I don’t dispense it as well!

One thought on “Moussaoui

  1. I am usually a fan of the death penalty – I believe some people use up their fun tickets in life and just can’t be allowed to play with the rest of us when their idea of a game is killing/hurting others. I do, for some weird reason, think it is good to keep this guy alive though. I think it would give the people who already hate us more ammunition, and, as you noted, if he does straighten out his thinking in 10 or 15 years, maybe he could even smooth over some of the rifts between the ME and US? Leaving the real punishment to a higher source is a good idea, I think.

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