Morning After the Debate Wrap Up

I have no idea which debate Rich Galen was watching,

ohn McCain won. Period. Full stop.
I absolutely think that Barack Obama was not on his game.

but apparently it wasn’t the one i was watching with Rich Lowry.

Barack Obama must have awesome powers of concentration. He kept his attention last night from wandering onto measuring the White House drapes and drawing up invitation lists for state dinners.

I like Hugh Hewitt’s take but his take is in Hugh Hewitt style and who wouldn’t vote for him?

McCain lost me on style/tone so his answers sounded unpracticed, and uncertain. This was his final debate and he came in the room unsteady. Why? For both of these men debates should be a cakewalk. The only problem being how to find the time to get in the extra information after answering a question. McCain spent time talking to get in the xtra information and then turned to the question. Obama talked steadily/and with a regular rhythm that made him sound sincere.

Obviously he wasn’t. But does everyone know that?

Why McCain couldn’t sound steady/strong while talking about American straight up values and business etc is beyond me. I suspect he’s been told what a good debater he is so he never really practiced.

The good news? Obama pollsters are afraid of Palin. (ht BTL)

We’ll see.