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Well – I’ve continued to scan the news/blogs and I’m STILL excited about Palin.

My only question is her seeming lack of interest in the foreign policy/affairs stuff. However… that she’s in the position she’s in, that will be remedied. She’s smart, she’s got good gut instincts, and previous to this she was pregnant and the mother of 5 children and governor of a big state. People focus on what they can and spend their time in the best manner possible. I’m not at all certain that had I been in the same circumstances that I would have been researching what a VP does, or the exact new news in Iraq.

October 2nd. Palin vs Biden. That will tell us a ton.

In the meantime, Ms Palin DOES have the interest in things that she needed to. ie Here is an oped of hers in the NYTimes concerning putting the polar bear on the endangered species list. She’s read the science, not just looked at the fake pictures of polar bears dying while just sitting around on melting ice bergs.

As a result of these efforts, polar bears are more numerous now than they were 40 years ago. The polar bear population in the southern Beaufort Sea off Alaska’s North Slope has been relatively stable for 20 years, according to a federal analysis.

We’re not against protecting plants and animals under the Endangered Species Act. Alaska has supported listings of other species, like the Aleutian Canada goose. The law worked as it should — under its protection the population of the geese rebounded so much that they were taken off the list of endangered and threatened species in 2001.

Listing the goose — then taking it off — was based on science. The possible listing of a healthy species like the polar bear would be based on uncertain modeling of possible effects. This is simply not justified.


The biggest problems people have with her is her lack of experience and this coming from a man who is known for “putting country first”. I seriously think he did put country first here. He’s using his instincts for what this country needs and part of what it needs IS change in the old time politics of white protestant men. People are longing for that and Obama’s rise even with his lack of experience is direct evidence of that.

[one of the great things about Palin is that apparently she speaks like a person rather than a politician. This can get her in trouble as we go on, but now it’s apparently refreshing. I haven’t heard her speak yet]

The troopergate story will get exaggerated, but she must have reassured McCain that her side is the correct side.

There has been some sexist remarks, but even DailyKos women are not putting up with that crap.
The debate will be eye opening. It will have to be civil and Biden will have to hammer her. She will have to respond nimbly. If she can’t, there will be a problem.

Let the learning begin Ms Palin. You seem smart, you’ve clearly got class and you have the ability to speak honestly in the face of crap. [click through for Palin knocking Biden on drilling and basing it on a national security argument]

Be sure to read Mark Steyn today for the fun factor in this. A small bite:

What other country in the developed world produces beauty queens who hunt caribou and serve up a terrific moose stew? As an immigrant, I’m not saying I came to the United States purely to meet chicks like that, but it was certainly high on my list of priorities.

And read Rachel Lucas on the ‘sphere’s best bloggers out there who has recently gone nonpolitical on her blog because of lots of reasons…..she’s baaaack.
There are pictures there – have fun.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that on that DailyKos open comment link above is tons of talk of how the PUMA’s actually acted so powerful and influential that they convinced McCain to do this knowing full well that they 1) were really a small group and 2) will of course vote for Obama. ROFL

UPDATE 2: One more. The WSJ has a column on Palin vs Big Oil.

“Sarah Palin is pro-development and is supportive of oil and gas development in an environmentally conscious way, but she is very tough on the companies. She doesn’t think that when the state of Alaska leases oil and gas to big oil, it means big oil gets to call all the shots,” says Drue Pearce, an appointee of President George W. Bush who directs the Office of the Federal Coordinator for Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects.

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  1. Let’s just hope the campaign doesn’t attempt to remake her into exactly what she is not–a “candidate”.

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