More on ACORN

Scott notes how ACORN’s helpmates are working to ease American’s fears that the voter registration fraud is a real problem. He just missing a 0 in the contribution from Obama. It should read $800,000 vs $80,000

CNN takes note of the link too. I’d like to note how in the video Obama seems to think that it’s a point of contention that his $800,000 went to ACORN during the primaries, but not during this election. I would submit that if he saw fraud during the primaries and hence chose not to give money during the general, then he damn sure should have said something about it!

And Ohio must now check all registrations for fraud.

ACORN has consistently claimed that they hire these temp workers who get lazy about registering people so they make up names to get paid. They insist this will not result in fraud at the polls and that this can’t be stopped.

If ACORN a) fired anyone who brought in a fraudulent registration or b) quit paying by the registrant, it would be stopped.

Fraudulent registering can/will lead to fraudulent voting. Imagine all those ACORN absentee ballots out there.
Like I said yesterday, I would vote for Reid/Pelosi/Obama if they would come up with a voter id plan for the nation.