I didn’t know they were part of the coalition. Normally you hear about the Fijiians, but apparently Mongolia has a contingent. They are working on relations with the US. Interestingly, the Folk Life center in Elko Nevada just sent a group of ranchers to Mongolia last August for a cultural exchange sort of thing. I saw their home movies at the Cowboy Poetry Gathering and it looked/sounded as though they had a great time interacting with ranchers such as themselves half a world away. The music was amazing and of course everyone enjoyed the horses. Go Mongolia! or Buy Cashmere!

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  1. Oh, lets go with “great minds”! Sadly I’ve been ignoring the Olympics this year. I’ve worked very, very hard over the last couple of years to give up tv and I’m afraid if I start sitting and watching, I know me, I’ll be sucked right back in.

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