Supposedly a new one is to arrive today along with better service.
We’ll all see!
In the meantime, Scott apparently is sharing my thoughts on the Democrats right now.

It’s all going to come down to the super delegates, career politicians and cronies of the establishment politicos like the Clintons. Obama has to win and win big so that the super delegates cannot pull any shenanigans and install Hillary as the nominee. Should Obama lead in both delegates and states won come convention time, Hillary’s machine would have a much more difficult time in making the case for her to win the nomination.

Click through and read away. Based on Air America talk radio, he’s on the money. If Hillary wins by superdelegate, the Dems are going to be po’d.

One thought on “Modem

  1. If Hillary wins by super delegate’s supporting her when Obama is well ahead that may not be a bad thing – perhaps a large number of dems would be mad enough to stay home or possibly cast their vote for a different , albeit more moderate liberal, McCain.

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