Middle East

Then here’s a general post of stories to be read

1. Saudi Arabia rounded up 200 militants and some of their financiers yesterday. ? What’s going on? That’s a lot of people.

“Security forces foiled an impending attack on a support oil facility in the Eastern Province,” the spokesman said, adding that an eight-member cell led by an expatriate man was behind the plan.

2. Auston Bay writes on al-Qaeda losing. He writes realistically of timelines etc and how things have emerged, bit by bit and now….let’s see what have the Dems been complaining about? Lack of political progress…

This week, the White House and the Iraqi government announced that state-to-state discussions are taking place with the goal of reaching detailed agreements that will govern Iraq and America’s long-term political, economic and military ties. Iraqis have asked for “an enduring relationship with America.”

Hmmm. (ht Instapundit)

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