Media Bias

We’re kind of used to it, right? But don’t you ever read a story that you don’t really care about the bias, but it’s so icky you just wish, wish someone could just tell a news story straight up.

From the Washington Post today we get a story on the Three Gorges Dam in China and the enviromental consequences that are befalling it. Well, it’s a big dam. You start messing with mother nature and it’s going to have problems, so report it, but do we have to listen to the tone here?

The Chinese, who had been talking about taming the Yangtze for a century, finally realized their dream of the Three Gorges in May 2006, when the dam was declared finished in a burst of national chest-thumping.

It’s the little things that bug me. I would have opposed the dam myself, but then I oppose them all. In the meantime this one has saved the country from disasters this flood season and is providing electricity by the billion kilowatt hours. It was a huge engineering feat. Was chest thumping not called for?