Meat and Carbon and Calf Blogging

Oh – and the UN too, because if something couldn’t be over the top enough, we have to throw in the UN.

The UN’s food and agriculture organisation has added all this up [the additions that meat adds to the trouble of global warming] and decreed that livestock warms the planet more than transport.

Ok – what to do, what to do. Find out a better way to raise such livestock with less (ahem) excretions.

So they study and study and study and decide that putting all the animals into little enclosures inside big barns is the answer to such a big problem. How? Well by doing this, they
a) control food intake to maximize growth and minimize the (ahem) extra
b) the animals don’t have to waste energy running/jumping/playing/keeping warm
c) the extras can be gathered up and burned as good energy
d) seepage can be kept out of water sources
e) if the barns are sealed, the gases can be collected before hitting the atmosphere

Don’t all those reasons make sense to you? What kind of twisted brain comes up with this???!!

Free Range chickens produce 45% more global warming gasses than a nice little factory farm where all the chickens are safe inside. Watch this twisted logic:

Because free range farting is more warming, the very next most logical step is that we should deny living sentient beings anything resembling a life.

Good Lord – we are unwilling ourselves to pay $5/gallon for gas. We’re not giving up big houses, we’re not giving up commutes, we still fly and if we have the money we fly privately. We’re not giving up rock concerts, and we’re not going to sleep earlier. We’re not doing anything to help. And why is that?

Because somehow by using sense on us humans we find that locking ourselves into little cages to stay where our gases can be shipped out someplace else is not acceptable. Particularly for a “threat” that may or may not ever happen in the far away future. BUT we’ll be happy to lock you up!

Here’s one man’s attitude concerning his cows.

“Your Holstein dairy cow is almost like your Formula One car of the bovine world, and you wouldn’t keep your Formula One car outside under a bit of plastic, would you?” counters Jon Moorby.

“So you’ve got to nurture them. Being inside, especially when it’s bad weather, is the best thing for them.”

Yes – put the cows inside. They’re just like cars. They’ll be better inside, than out. They don’t like the rain.

Here’s another little “factoid” from the article concerning just going vegetarian.

most of those who avoid meat source their protein from dairy foods.
And dairy animals pump out gases and gobble up supplementary feed just like the rest.

Um – no. Most vegetarians use beans for their proteins.

What is the matter with people?
“Don’t ask me”, say’s today’s calf. She’s still new to the world. And running and jumping and playing and hanging out with her cow buddies.
True, she wouldn’t have been born unless people ate meat so does that mean she should go ahead and have a crappy life? She’s alive, let her live. How hard is that?

Buy grass fed free range meat. Send a message to the UN.

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