McCain and Gambling

Ooh – the NYTimes has outed McCain again for being evilly embedded with bad people.

Here’s the killer quote:

“One of the founding fathers of Indian gaming” is what Steven Light, a University of North Dakota professor and a leading Indian gambling expert, called Mr. McCain.


As factions of the ferociously competitive gambling industry have vied for an edge, they have found it advantageous to cultivate a relationship with Mr. McCain or hire someone who has one, according to an examination based on more than 70 interviews and thousands of pages of documents.

Mr. McCain portrays himself as a Washington maverick unswayed by special interests, referring recently to lobbyists as “birds of prey.” Yet in his current campaign, more than 40 fund-raisers and top advisers have lobbied or worked for an array of gambling interests — including tribal and Las Vegas casinos, lottery companies and online poker purveyors.


Funny how they don’t mention what state McCain works for until the 2nd page. [Arizona for those of you who don’t know] Which is where they mention Democrat and McCain mentor Udall suggesting that McCain not “forget the Indians” and that gambling has helped pull many Indian communities out of poverty.

Its nice that they mention that McCain has received twice as much money from gambling enterprises as Obama. Did they ever mention the Fannie Mae difference?

I need to get going and may finish reading this article later, but basically it sounds like yet another:

“McCain does X and because of Y there just might be some impropriety here and isn’t that bad?!!!” vs
“Obama has done X, Y and Z and it’s all bad”

Mr. McCain’s spokesman, Tucker Bounds, would not discuss the senator’s night of gambling at Foxwoods, saying: “Your paper has repeatedly attempted to insinuate impropriety on the part of Senator McCain where none exists — and it reveals that your publication is desperately willing to gamble away what little credibility it still has.”

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  1. But no one dares to say anything negative about THE ONE, the Obamessiah………I am soooo ready for this to be over.

  2. I hope the GOP officials who compete with the left-wing illuminati next time know they can’t dare say anything about Obama.

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