Matt Drudge

I don’t usually link to Drudge stories on purpose, because, if you’re on the internet and you’re reading me, you are also checking in with Drudge. If you wanted to read the Drudge story, you already would have.

However – today you need to read this story about Mr. Drudge. (if you haven’t “met” him in the past)

2 thoughts on “Matt Drudge

  1. I must say that it was unbelievably stupid, IMHO, for Drudge to put out the piece of Prince Harry. He can point to the two snippets from an Aussie newspaper and Das Bild but it was his actions that directly caused the going home of Harry.

    Drudge was completely wrong on this one

  2. And he doesn’t give a rip.
    It’s part of his charm.

    I suspect someone who really cares for Harry gave the story to Drudge in order to get Harry home.

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