Maliki/Obama – bff?

Don’t bother with me today, go read Hot Air.

Maliki: Obama’s 16-month timetable sounds good; Update: Spiegel changes quote

Maliki spokesman: His timetable comment was “not conveyed accurately”

Oh yeah – and in case you missed it because you’re not reading to the end and for some reason (Obamessiah) Drudge isn’t highlighting this part:

SPIEGEL: In your opinion, which factor has contributed most to bringing calm to the situation in the country?

Maliki: There are many factors, but I see them in the following order. First, there is the political rapprochement we have managed to achieve in central Iraq. This has enabled us, above all, to pull the plug on al-Qaida. Second, there is the progress being made by our security forces. Third, there is the deep sense of abhorrence with which the population has reacted to the atrocities of al-Qaida and the militias. Finally, of course, there is the economic recovery.